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Before I tell you a little about myself, let me thank you for taking the time

and interest to stop and look at my work. Unlike most knife makers I did not

want to make knives at a young age, to be truthful I did not even know there

was such a thing as a handmade knife until 1993. That is when I saw a

Damascus folder, then a couple of weeks later I saw my first mosaic

damascus. That turned my world upside down and I have not been the same

since. And by the way I bought both those knives. I collected until 1996, when

I decided Knife making would be a good hobby, dreaming of some day

possibly being able to get out of the sheetrock trade and into making mosaic

damascus gentlemans folders. Well I was very fortunate, and in 2000 for one

of my wife's birthday presents I decided to try to become a full time

knifemaker, boy was she excited. I guess luck has been on my side because I

have not had to dig those old drywall tools back out.


I forge all of my own damascus. I really enjoy theme knives, forging an image

of something and using handle material from what ever the image happens to

be and for an added touch, setting a piece of the same material in the

thumbstud. I use nothing but the best of materials. My knives are known for

being very slim, light weight with very smooth actions and first class fit and

finish. All liners are fully fileworked anodized titanium.


I would also like to thank all of the knifemakers who helped me along the way

and a "special thanks" to all the people who have purchased my knives, for

without them none of this would have been possible.

If there is anything I can do to be of any help or any questions you may have

please get in touch.


Thanks again,
Cliff Parker


Shows I will be exhibiting at:

Feb.2015 Arkansas Knifemakers Show - Little Rock, AR


April 2015 Seattle Knife Show - Seattle, WA


Blade Show June 2015 - Atlanta, GA


Sept. 2015 Guild/ABS Custom Knife Show - Kansas City, MO


Hope to see you there!



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